Healthy Living through Holistic, Natural Methods.

Hello, we are the Blooms and we like living a healthy fulfilling life. This is going to be a site about all things Health and about healthy living. So it will have a wide variety of topics and information on it. Mainly we will cover things that can enhance your well being.

Healthy organic foods, exercising, holistic methods, disease prevention and control are just some of the topics we will discuss. Hopefully in a fun way!

First, a few things that I like that enhance my life:

Massages, acupuncture, pedicures, smoothies, kombucha, playing with my dog, playing with my kid, nature, walking, being with friends, a glass of wine (or 2!), cilantro, the beach, the mountains, a haircut, taking a shower and a million other things!

My new workout regimen is gong to be to do P90x for 90 days, then P90x-2, then p90x-3, then start in on the insanity series. Then I won’t get burned out on doing any one thing for too long. Probably throw in some yoga too. And of course ride my bike and go hiking through the woods right by my house. The goal is to stay active and keep moving since I work at a computer all day!

Another goal of mine is to go vegetarian. I think clean eating is real must for living a long healthy life! I’ve heard that once you stop eating meat that all kinds of afflictions you may have will disappear! I don’t care much for meat anyway so I don’t think it will be a big deal. Except for pepperoni! I love me some pepperoni!

Another goal is to learn another language and to play a musical instrument. I’ve read that these things are good for the brain because it causes your brain to have to do things differently than it’s used to so it helps to keep it challenged and growing.

I’d also like to start growing my own food and maybe have some chickens. Fresh veggies from the garden would be awesome! Add some fresh eggs and BAM! Dinner! Maybe get a greenhouse to have a garden year round.

Some day I’d like to have my own vineyard to grow my own grapes and make my own wine. There’s just something about walking around a vineyard clipping the vines. Very soothing.

So anyway, that’s just kinda me rambling but that’s just some of the stuff we’ll be covering here. Talk to you soon!